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Essay About Parkinson39s Disease

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Introduction Parkinson disease is a neurodegenerative disorder affecting primarily the patient’s motor function. The disease is characterized by rigidity, tremor at rest, bradykinesis, and decreased postural reflexes (Bollinger, Cowan, LaFontaine, Ronai, 2012).

Essay About Parkinson39s Disease

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Parkinson Disease Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement. The most well-known sign of Parkinson disease is the tremor in just one hand. Family can notice that you have Parkinson disease when there’s little expression in your face and you don’t swing your arms when you walk. Speech often becomes soft and mumbling.

Essay About Parkinson39s Disease

Past, Present, and Future of Parkinson’s Disease: A.

The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are usually subtle and occur gradually. Some examples of symptoms a person may have, are feeling shaky or having trouble getting up from a chair or a couch. Others may notice that their speaking is softer or quieter.


Excerpt from Essay: PARKINSON'S DISEASE UNDERSTANDING THE PARKINSON'S DISEASE Understanding Parkinson's disease Description Parkinson disease is a progressive neurological problem that affects people of all ages and races. It is a very common condition. It is estimated that about 70, 000 Australians live with this disease.

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Parkinson's disease is a neurological disorder that has become the topic of much research lately. This neurological disease affects more than four million individuals around the world, making it the second largest neurological disease affecting people (National Institute of Health, 2013).

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Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition that affects the sufferer’s mobility and speech. It affects the central nervous system, leading to a person’s inability to control muscles throughout the body. It is a disease whose treatment does not intend to cure it but instead, aims at controlling its manifestation.

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Parkinson's Disease is a common neurologic disorder for the elderly. It is a disorder of the brain characterized by shaking and difficulty with walking, movement, and coordination. This disease is associated with damage to a part of the brain that controls muscle movement.


Parkinson's disease (PD), or simply Parkinson's, is a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects the motor system. As the disease worsens, non-motor symptoms become more common. The symptoms usually emerge slowly.

Patients with Parkinson’s disease often have speech problems. Speaking softly, quickly, slurring, or hesitation before beginning to talk are common. Secondary symptoms include small, cramped handwriting, slight foot drag when walking, a tendency to fall backwards, depression, excess anxiety, hallucinations and psychosis, disturbances during sleep, constipation, pain, and an increase in.


One million Americans suffer from Parkinson’s disease. This disease involves movement of body parts that trigger the brain and it’s unstoppable. Research study shows that this disease comes from a nerve cells in a area of the brain. It is chronic cause by a decrease in production of dopamine in the body.

Essay About Parkinson39s Disease

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Parkinson’s disease is basically named after James Parkinson who gave a detailed description on the disorder in his shaking palsy essay. Some of the other signs of the disease include sleep and sensory difficulties, autoimmune dysfunction, neurobehavioral and cognitive complications among others. The common disease symptom is tremor.

Essay About Parkinson39s Disease

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Parkinson s Disease Essay Parkinson s disease affects millions of people around the world. It can affect up to one million people in the United States and almost six million people around the world ( National Parkinson Foundation, 2010) It is a disorder that involves the lack of proper movement in individuals who are suffering Parkinson s disease.

Essay About Parkinson39s Disease

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Parkinson disease is a gradually progressive degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. Parkinson disease belongs to a group of conditions called movement disorders. There are four characteristic problems caused by Parkinson disease, including tremor at rest, balance problems, stiffness, and slowness of movement.

Essay About Parkinson39s Disease

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Parkinson's Disease Essay. 1454 Words 6 Pages. Show More. Parkinson’s disease Parkinson 's disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that effects an individuals’ movement. It is both chronic, meaning it will continue over a long period of time and progressive, meaning its symptoms will become worse over time. Approximately one.

Essay About Parkinson39s Disease

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James Parkinson James Parkinson is most famous for publishing 'An Essay on the Shaking Palsy ' in 1817, which established Parkinson's as a recognised medical condition. He was a pioneer not only in medicine, but also in his scientific and political interests. The son of an apothecary and surgeon, James Parkinson was born on 11 April 1755.

Essay About Parkinson39s Disease

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The average age at diagnosis is 60 years old. 16 About 6.1 million people worldwide are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. 9 About 1 million people in the United States have Parkinson’s.

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