Edgar Cayce the Secret Vault of Personal Papers and Trance.

Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment.

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Edgar Cayce Research Paper

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Edgar Cayce Health Database Edgar Cayce and the Palma Christi (NOTE: The following article is composed of excerpts from a research paper which presents a study of the use of castor oil packs as suggested in the Edgar Cayce readings, and as observed in the practice of general medicine.

Edgar Cayce Research Paper

Edgar Cayce’s General Nutrition and Diet Recommendations.

The Edgar Cayce health information is a rich source of research hypotheses with regard to anatomy, physiology, pathology, and therapy. This section contains a variety of research hypotheses waiting to be pursued. THERAPEUTIC USES OF GOLD CHLORIDE BOWEL PERMEABILITY IN PSORIASIS.

Edgar Cayce Research Paper

Edgar Cayce Foundation: Collection: Thomas Sugrue Papers.

Edgar Cayce Essay, Research Paper Father of the holistic health movement in the west, Edgar Cayce was a Christian mystic, and probably the most documented clairvoyant of the 20th century. He grew up on a small farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky in, 1877. Hints of his abilities became apparent at a young age. At the age of 21 he would enter a hypnotic sleep, which allowed him to remember his.


For countless reasons, these individuals come to investigate the information that Edgar Cayce brought forth in his psychic “readings” and discover for themselves how that material may be used today in the fields of health, personal spirituality, intuition, education, and research, and to promote spiritual development at both individual and global levels. The Visitor’s Center houses the.

Avoid Or Overcome Viral Infections The Cayce Way.

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Cayce, Edgar, 1877-1945 - Social Networks and Archival Context.

Thomas Sugrue Papers 1928-1980 Collection Overview Repository. Edgar Cayce Foundation Archives. Collection Identifier. Acc. 17. Creator. Sugrue, Thomas (1907-1953); Cayce, Edgar (1877-1945); Cayce, Hugh Lynn (1907-1982) Extent. 1.6 linear feet. Language of Materials. English; Chinese and Japanese translations of materials. Summary. This collection documents the professional life of Thomas.

Jess Stearn Papers An inventory of his papers at Syracuse.

Edgar Cayce was well known as the Sleeping Prophet because through a deep meditative state he was able to communicate incredible volumes of information on various subjects throughout the late 1800s and into the early 1900s up to his death in 1945.


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It is such a wonderful expression of Edgar Cayce’s idealism with regard to psychic ability and service, Henry began a research program to bring to light the psychodynamics of the intuitive connection that occurs in these dream circles.


Edgar Cayce was a big advocate of tomatoes, both raw and cooked. When asked about the effects of eating an abundance of tomatoes he responded, “Quite a dissertation might be given as to the effect of tomatoes upon the human system. Of all the vegetables, tomatoes carry most of the vitamins in a well-balanced assimilative manner for the activities in the system. Yet if these are not cared for.

Edgar Cayce Research Paper

Edgar Cayce on Keeping Our Bodies in Balance Nutritionally.

This is the complete, original biography of the best-documented psychic in America. It tells the story of how Edgar Cayce discovered his astounding psychic gifts and what led him to a life He could diagnose an extended sentence. There because of edgar that was really like pebbles tossed into two. I returned to sleep and creation.

Edgar Cayce Research Paper

The Power of Your Mind: An Edgar Cayce Series Title by A R.

Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center: referencedIn: Jess Stearn Papers, 1932-1970 Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries: referencedIn: American Medical Association. Dept. of Investigation. Records. Cayce, Edgar-Centenarian Club (inclusive), 1911-1980.

Edgar Cayce Research Paper

Edgar Cayce, Tesla and Atlantis: Electromagnetic Resonance.

Jess Stearn Papers: Inclusive Dates: 1932-1970: Quantity: 5.0 linear ft. Abstract: Papers of the American author. Collection contains correspondence (1965-1968); typescript drafts and revisions of articles and books; research material, galley proofs, and book publicity. Research relates to Edgar Cayce, the occult, parapsychology, psychical research, and yoga. Language: English Repository.

Edgar Cayce Research Paper

Edgar Cayce: Technologically Advanced Civilizations Before.

Title: The Approach of the Edgar Cayce Readings to Dreams and Dreaming Author: Brian Wilkinson Abstract: A preparatory presentation of the origin of the Edgar Cayce psychic material and its approach to the nature of the mind and sleep is made. Then, the psychic material of the late Edgar Cayce is examined in relation to dreams and dream interpretation. Dreams, according to the Edgar Cayce.

Edgar Cayce Research Paper

Bret's Medical Blog: Edgar Cayce and Castor Oil.

Edgar Cayce speaks of souls wandering from life to life, and of God and Jesus and Mary as Essenes. Such claims may well be shared by groups of people in America. However, striking reincarnation claims about Jesus are outside the range of common science of today anyway. The source to deal with in Cayce cases is sleeptalk, right or wrong - at any case different - and not hard facts. The Cayce.

Edgar Cayce Research Paper

The Approach of the Edgar Cayce Readings to Dreams and.

This article examines Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) as a case study for the non-traditional religious affiliation and experience of Nones in the twenty-first century. Through staff and participant interviews and attention to the current work of the A.R.E. at its Virginia Beach headquarters and its summer camp in Rural Retreat, Virginia, this article shows.

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