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How to answer a source based GCSE History question.

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Evaluating Sources History Gcse Essay


Support your students' history skills with these source analysis tips and essay plan ideas Interpreting historical sources and answering essay style questions are two key skills that are essential when studying any period of history in order to adequately prepare for GCSE or iGCSE history.

Evaluating Sources History Gcse Essay

How to structure AQA A-level History Essays - The Tutor Team.

Last summer in the hot weather, when the smell was sickening and the flies were thick, there were a hundred people a day coming to the dump. A widow who used to do housework and laundry, but now.

Evaluating Sources History Gcse Essay


These interactive PowerPoint presentations are written to fulfil the requirements for GCSE 9-1 History syllabuses. Source evaluation, short answer and essay question skills are explained through sample answers, mark schemes, writing frames and peer-assessment marking grids.


This Edexcel GCSE History past paper page provides all the past paper practise you need along with the mark schemes to help you work through your answers to see what History are looking for. By GCSE most people appreciate the importance of past papers and their effectiveness as a revision aid and Edecel GCSE History past papers are no different.

Evaluation of Sources - History Skills.

In the new Edexcel GCSE (9-1) in History, engagement with sources is assessed within the Historic environment component in Paper 1 where sources are evaluated regarding their utility and then students are asked to explain how they would follow up a detail in a source in order to develop an enquiry.

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What is the best way to evaluate a historical source? There are a number of ways to evaluate a source, and by using a range of these you can get an excellent idea of whether it is reliable or not. When was it written?- Often public opinion on certain people or events changes depending over time.

Analysing and evaluating - Analysing and evaluating - GCSE.

Summer 2019 papers. Teachers can now access our June 2019 papers on e-AQA secure key materials (SKM). They will be available for longer, so that there is access to unseen mocks later in 2020 and early 2021. The 2019 papers will also be published on our main website in July 2021. Find past papers and mark schemes for your exams, and specimen papers for new courses. Find papers. Subject.


GCSE History exam past papers and marking schemes. Past exam Papers from AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas, OCR, WJEC and the CIE IGCSE.

GCSE Art and Design learn how analyse and evaluate work effectively to produce evaluations for the Expressive unit, Design unit and portfolios.


Past papers and mark schemes accompanied by a padlock are not available for students, but only for teachers and exams officers of registered centres. However, students can still get access to a large library of available exams materials. Try the easy-to-use past papers search below. Learn more about past papers for students. Looking for modified past papers? Please note that the past paper.

Evaluating Sources History Gcse Essay

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How to evaluate a historical source This resource is a flowchart that guides pupils through the various stages of assessing the usefulness or reliability of a historical source. It can be applied to any kind of historical evidence. It is suitable for pupils in Upper Primary or Secondary Education.

Evaluating Sources History Gcse Essay

GCSE History source paper tips - reliability, usefulness.

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Evaluating Sources History Gcse Essay

Please help in structuring source based History essays.

The source does not indicate the difficulties of the invasion of the Ruhr, when the French and Belgians occupied the Ruhr, a major German industry centre, because the Germans had failed to make a reparations payment in accordance with the Treaty of Versailles. German workers, supported by the Weimar government, went on strike but passive resistance only exacerbated the issue. As the source.

Evaluating Sources History Gcse Essay

Strategies to improve grades in GCSE source evaluation.

CCEA qualifications in History are available at Entry Level, GCSE and GCE. The study of history is about more than memorising dates and learning about the actions of famous figures from the past. It is a chronicle of human behaviour: a real-life drama full of villains and heroes. It examines the circumstances that led to the transformation of people and places. Studying history gives us.

Evaluating Sources History Gcse Essay

Evaluate Your Sources - How to do Research for College.

Here are two examples:Compare and explain the objections made in sources B and C to Lloyd George’s proposals for National Insurance in 1911. Explain how far the statistics in source A support the view expressed in source B concerning economic growth in Russia after 1880. Evaluation of the reliability or usefulness of one or two of the sources.

Evaluating Sources History Gcse Essay

Essay technique: How to get GCSE students writing better.

How To Write A History Essay Gcse July 5, 2016 How do i write an essay at gcse you will need to show that a spider diagram of history essay plan the question is how important was history of grenada how to write a short igcse essay plan evaluation sources doent image preview.

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