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Certainty Of Objects Essay Contest

Certainty of Objects of Trusts and Powers: The Impact.

Certainty of Objects for Discretionary Trusts. 3055 words (12 pages) Law Essay. 7th Aug 2019 Equity Law Reference this Tags: UK Law. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a law student. This is not an example of the work produced by our Law Essay Writing Service. You can view samples of our professional work here. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this.

Certainty Of Objects Essay Contest

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The tests for certainty of objects differ depending on whether there is a fixed trust or a discretionary trust. This essay will consider whether the different tests applicable to fixed trusts and discretionary trusts are appropriate. Initially, the complete list test applied to both types of trusts.

Certainty Of Objects Essay Contest

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Introduction: the test for certainty of objects previously required a complete list of beneficiaries (IRC v Broadway Cottages). While the new test in McPhail v Doulton allowed more discretionary trusts to be upheld, the case law in this area remains uncertain and confusing.


The key issue regarding this disposition is the certainty of objects. The first step is to identity the form of power. This disposition provides Tom and Jerry the discretion to distribute the to one deserving family living in and thus, is prima facie a discretionary trust.

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This essay will consider whether the statement in the question is an accurate reflection on the law regarding the three certainties. It will consider the well- established rules concerning the three certainties in relation to private express trusts, and move to consider the requirements for other forms of trust, including charitable, resulting and constructive trusts. For an express private.

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By analysing this case in light of certainty and flexibility’s contest, it shall be considered that the impact of McPhail v Doulton (1971) is not an attack on the settled rules of equity, but rather a well-reasoned decision that achieves both certainty and flexibility, and is entirely representative of the spirit of equity.

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Certainty of Subject Matter Essay. For a trust to be valid it must satisfy the three certainties: one of these being certainty of subject matter. The trust property must be described in such a way that it becomes certain and ascertainable. The justification for this is that a trustee can only perform his duty if he knows what property he is trustee of. Problems are experienced when we look at.


The Certainty Of Subject Matter Law Equity Essay The Certainty Of Subject Matter Law Equity Essay 'The three certainties are essential to justify the validity of an express trust. However, surrounding case law has detrimentally affected their efficacy.' Discuss critically this statement.

The certainty of objects requirement can sometimes be seen as an inconvenient obstacle that can trip up a party (A0) trying to set up a Trust. However, it serves a vital purpose: a court cannot enforce a duty unless that duty is adequately defined. This point is not peculiar to Trusts.


Definition of what 'certainty' is: 1) conceptual 2) evidential - extent to which a class of beneficiaries can be identified 3) ascertainability - establishing the whereabouts of the objects 4) administrative workability: practical consequences: if class is too big for the trustees to carry our their duties then the trust will fail.

Certainty Of Objects Essay Contest

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The Effect Of Lack Of Certainty Law Equity Essay. In turn it must be said that there is no complete definition of a trust but in regards to Potter’s Historical Introduction to English Law and its Institutions the English trust consists in the nominal ownership of property being vested in one or more persons who are bound to exercise their rights so that the benefit of the property may be.

Certainty Of Objects Essay Contest

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Certainty of subject matter and the critcisms of hunter v moss When creating an express trust knight and knight articulated that there must be certainty of subject matter, certainty of intention and certainty of objects. Certainty of subject matter is where there must be an identification of the trust property and certainty as to whom is which part of the trust property to be held. In relation.

Certainty Of Objects Essay Contest

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Certainty Of Objects Essay Contest

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The King's College Law Journal CERTAINTY OF SUBJECT-MATTER IN TRUSTS: THE CONTROVERSY CONTINUES No trust may be validly created unless its subject matter is sufficiently certain. In Re Goldcorp Exchange Ltd (1995) 1 A.C. 74 at p.10, the Privy Council emphasised that neither legal nor equitable title can pass unless the parties have first identified the assets which are to be transferred.

Certainty Of Objects Essay Contest

Certainty of Subject-Matter in Trusts: The Controversy.

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Certainty Of Objects Essay Contest

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