Blade Runner and Frankenstein: A Comparison Essay.

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Frankenstein And Bladerunner Humanity Essay

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Both Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner are texts that explore what it is to be human. Many parallels can be drawn between the two texts even though they are set some two hundred years apart. The texts present a view that questions the morality of science that progresses unchecked.

Frankenstein And Bladerunner Humanity Essay

Bladerunner - Humanity And Nature Essay - 1948 Words.

Essay on Frankenstein and Blade Runner 792 Words4 Pages The notion of humanity is a picture intricately painted using the ideals and morals that define us as human beings in contextual society. The audience is influenced by the morals and values present through techniques in texts to paint their own image of humanity.

Frankenstein And Bladerunner Humanity Essay

Frankenstein and Bladerunner Comparative Essay.

Mary Shelley’s nineteenth century epistolary novel, Frankenstein (1818), and Ridley Scott’s late twentieth century post-modern film, Blade Runner (1992), bear striking similarities when studied as texts in time, as they both aim to warn humanity about attempting to usurp of the role of God in creating life.


Frankenstein explores how humanity’s obsession with scientific and medical developments in the 19th Century while Blade Runner explores the societal vales of consumerism and capitalism in the 20th Century.Evidently, it is clear through the comparison of the texts as to how the social values of each society bring detrimental outcomes for humanity.

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View Essay - frankenstein essay v3 from ENGLISH english ad at Cheltenham High School school. 1.1.1. 2. Replicants are emotionless biological creatures created by humans. 1.2. Rea.

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While Blade Runner is a collaborative work of the twentieth century using technological mediums, Frankenstein is a more traditional novel written as part of a competition to see who could create the most Gothic (horror) story using language. The two are separated by two hundred years and yet share many of the same concerns.

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FRANKENSTEIN AND BLADERUNNER HUMANITY ESSAY Free Essay: The notion of humanity is a picture intricately painted using the ideals and morals that define us as human beings in contextual society.


Frankenstein represents humanity’s hubris and folly personified when he is horrified by his attempt to recreate human-life and punished for it by a life of misery (the creature kills his loved ones: William, Clerval, Elizabeth) and his own death due to exhaustion.

Frankenstein and Blade Runner explore elements of the human nature in a way that attempts to identify characteristics that would be considered uniquely and universally human. These characteristics that should enable us to identify the differences between the metaphysical and the natural are blurred within the two texts, reflecting the composers’ fears of the loss of humanity.


Through a comparative study of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein and Ridley Scott’s film Blade Runner it is possible to gain an understanding of the notion of what constitutes humanity. Despite bearing different contexts, the texts embody parallel values that reveal the fundamentals of human nature.

Frankenstein And Bladerunner Humanity Essay

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein analyzes the extremely nature of humanity through the juxtaposition of 2 characters, Victor Frankenstein and the animal. The curious animal has an innocent desire to find out whereas Victor Frankenstein pursues his blasphemed ambition.

Frankenstein And Bladerunner Humanity Essay

Compare And Contrast Frankenstein And Blade Runner.

Frankenstein and Blade Runner are two literature pieces that clearly portray the differences that exist in these perspectives that help define human identity. While some people define identity based on such things as family, community, and affluence, others define it as merely the ability to have emotions such as anger and joy based on the conditions of one’s environment and experiences.

Frankenstein And Bladerunner Humanity Essay

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The gothic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and the science fiction film Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott although composed over one hundred years apart contain the same perennial concepts on the nature of humanity.

Frankenstein And Bladerunner Humanity Essay

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This mirrors a time where society was fearful that technology was taking over to the detriment of humanity through the invention of the computer.The theme of nature and its role on humanity is present throughout both Frankenstein and Blade Runner. Shelley presents nature as very powerful. Shelley shows nature’s ability to affect the monster powerfully and, as it does Victor, humanise him. It.

Frankenstein And Bladerunner Humanity Essay

Frankenstein and Blade Runner: Similar Societal Concerns.

Humanity’s rejection of the natural world in favour of the unnatural pursuit of technology to prolong life is a major concern in both Shelley’s Frankenstein and Scott’s Blade Runner.In the world of Frankenstein, nature is an important aspect of a person’s life and beliefs. Shelley conveys Victor’s desire to conquer nature through the use of his narration such as “new species would.

Frankenstein And Bladerunner Humanity Essay

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Therefore Shelley portrays that a central factor of what it means to be human is the close relationship that humanity shares with the natural world and the high value that man must place on the beauty of nature.Similarly, in Bladerunner, Scott emphasises the importance of the relationship between man and nature, however the portrayal of the value reveals that there are fundamental shifts in.

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