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For example due to the congestion in urban centers the government is forced to improve the efficiency of roads which makes the facilities far much better. Improved transportation and communicationThis is brought about by the large population in Urban areas, to ease congestion the government develops so many ways of transportation like the railway and the airports. Improved standard of living.

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An excellent example of urban sprawl within our country is that of the city of Bangalore. After the establishment of IT industry in Bangalore, the population exploded from24,76,355 in 1980 to 42,92,223 in 2001 with influx of 18 lakh immigrants within 2decades. The growing population has increased pressure on several resources including civic amenities, residential availability, cost of living.

Urbanization Photo Essay Example

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There has been urbanization problems in caused by the fact that the economy has grown in urban areas as a result of increasing population dramatically. The problems create several issues in urban areas. On the other hand, the concept of sustainable development means that the economy continues to grow while preserving the environment. In this essay I would like to discuss why the current.


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Urbanization, or rather, unplanned urbanization has led to the creation of several problems. Cities in developing countries, in particular, are home to the neo-urban dwellers, and are seen to be bearing the maximum brunt of it all. What follows are a few negative consequences of unstructured urbanization. Rising Levels of Pollution Cities have been invariably blamed for their contribution to.

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Urbanization Photo Essay Example

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Urbanization Photo Essay Example

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Urbanization Photo Essay Example

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Urbanization Photo Essay Example

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Urbanization. Persuasive Urbanization Essay Have you ever thought how urbanization is negatively affecting on our society? According to World Bank (2009a), in next 25 years, urbanization can make over two billion new urban people in many huge cities. A lot of rural people move to big cities, possibly lead to overpopulation, crime and pollution. There are some people who still consider the.

Urbanization Photo Essay Example

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Urbanization is the process of human migration from rural areas to towns and cities, thus rapid urbanization means that the rate at which the migration from rural to urban takes place is hurried that a country has no time to plan for their existence at the cities. The situation differs from country to country as the number of cities and rural areas in the countries are different. Another.

Urbanization Photo Essay Example

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Urbanization Essay. The term urbanization is commonly misused. Frequently and mistakenly, urbanization is employed to mean urban growth. When used correctly, however, urbanization refers to the increased degree of urban development within a region or a nation, that is, a defined geographical area, while urban growth, when used in its proper form, relates to the rate at which an urban area or.

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